I must admit my first thought when I heard the word AQUA was of the ‘mildly’ irritating Danish pop group of yore…as “I’m a Barbie girl la la la” happily re-established a rent-free stranglehold on my brain, I discovered this isn’t THAT Aqua. Phew. Noooo, silly, THIS Aqua is synonymous with fashion forward thinking! And boundary pushing collections 10 times a year in order to meet the apparently insatiable demand of the image conscious youth of today! Well. Looking at these images I can see why. After the whirlwind success of their flagship womenswear store in the Carnaby Street area, Aqua launched their first standalone menswear flagship on Beak Street in Soho in June 2011. With collections re-titled as ‘volumes’, Aqua are working with some of the biggest names in styling, photography and film to support designer Ryan Holliday-Stevens’ brave and bold aesthetic with industry leading imagery and content produced by true fashion innovators. The first volume features styling by Kimi O’Neill, photography by Thomas Knights and film by Konstantinos Menelaou known for his work with Diane Pernet. Enjoy.

Words by Anna Bang


Aqua, Diane Pernet, Kimi O'Neill, Ryan Holliday-Stevens, Thomas Knights,