Dutch fashion has the reputation of being rather wearable and unexciting. However the opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week S/S14 was one full of surprises.

Amsterdam Fashion Week opened with an ode to Brigitte Bardot by SIS, the more wearable sister line by Spijkers en Spijkers. Models with fashionable cut up hair in off-the-shoulder dresses, smocked tops, high waist shorts, voluminous jeans skirts and, of course, the famous Brigitte Bardot check paraded against the background of the azure blue sea. French chansons were played, and the mood for a holiday at the Cote d’Azur was set. Eye-catchers were the pastel colour-blocking jumpsuit and the beige trench coat in creased fabric.


The ticket counter from Individuals – the real-life school project by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute – received many indignant responses by guests who were surprised that they were allocated a standing seat. “This might sound strange, but everyone is standing. Just let yourself be surprised,” was the answer that caused high expectations. The usual rows of seats were indeed absent with all the guests gathered in the middle of the room without any distinction being made between Dutch soap actress Victoria Koblenko and the girl that sneaked in with her yet-to-be-popular beauty blog. The models that circled behind the fences in a complicated choreography were an eye’s length from everyone.

The collection ‘14 by 21’ reminded you strongly of a Mexican horror Western. Ghostly white ensembles were covered with blood red washings. An unusual combination of rough textures was one of the strongest hallmarks of this collection. The collaboration with Atlantic Leather for a fish leather extension on the collection was ‘a match made in Western hell’.


The opening night ended with MaryMe JimmyPaul, Wet ‘n Wild, Hate it or Love it, quiz/fashion show. The audience was asked to rate the screaming mix of rainbow feathers and cotton candy plush. Crazy thigh high cowboy boots received the lowest score, while Amsterdam’s most famous doorwhore Gianni Bab, resplendent in a colourful bird costume, received a standing ovation. You couldn’t help but smile, while Pippi Longstocking’s more colourful sisters danced on the catwalk to 70’s beats and struck some tacky pin-up poses to finish off. Whether it had anything to do with fashion remained questionable, but it was freakalicious for sure!

All images © Peter Stigter

Words by Juliette Sijnja


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