Charlie Edwards

Volt Café have long been admirers of Ally Capellino’s work and proud owners of her seemingly indestructible bags. We love the fact she cycles everywhere – indeed, upcoming projects include a range of cycling related bags, such as fully functional panniers in collaboration with Cooper.

No element of her design is superfluous or without consideration. So when she commissioned a limited edition book, catalogueing a cross section of London’s diverse boxing community with a series of photographs and interviews we had to have a look. Ally Capellino have been based in East London for over 30 years and the 2012 Olympics spurred a naive curiosity to better understand boxing and how the sport touches lives within their neighbourhood.

The book features many a champ including Charlie Edwards, Stephanie Louis Fernand, Sylvester Mittee, Tedd Lewis Jr, Jack O’Callaghan and Ron Cooper.

Sylvester Mittee

Curated by collaborators Brickhouse, namely Guy Gormley and Thomas Bush. Portraits are taken by Alex Sturrock, who is not only a photographer of choice for the music and film industry, but also a Nan Goldin protégé and currently Photo Editor at large for Vice magazine. Words are by the Gentle Author, author of the best selling Spitalfields Life Book and hugely popular blog.

Jack O’Callaghan (left) Peter Kent LEBA vice president

Most importantly, all proceeds from the sale of the books will be donated to boxing charities including London Ex Boxers.

 The books are in the Ally Capellino London shops, available to buy online. They will also be available at a number of Ally Capellino stockists and specialist bookshops including Liberty, Claire de Rouen, Rough Trade and Shoreditch House.

They have also made a very limited edition boxing holdall, called Harry.

Harry the holdall

Words by Anna Bang

Stephanie Louis Fernand Islington Boxing Club

Teddy Lewis Jr at home


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