Swedish Fashion Designer Alex Mattsson’s S/S12 collection isn’t just a loving homage to Latino gang culture, razor sharp tailoring, progressive masculine silhouettes with strong motorbike-gear influences and urban style.

He also cites his inspiration as coming from the divine, offering clues to a higher intelligence such as split natural light revealing the full colour spectrum or fractal patterns created by audio resonance. Along with strong black and white check patterns, digital prints are a key theme throughout and are influenced by the frequencies of sound and light waves, particularly the low frequencies, which are able to physically touch and move you, apparently resonating with the natural rhythm of humans to disastrous or divine effect. Thus tendencies of sound-colour synesthesia promote lucid shapes and colours within prints with psychedelic fractal check prints. Sounds a little baffling yet they look so very beautiful don’t you think?

These digitally printed silk satin shirts and jumpsuits regenerate the use of delicate fabrics within his urban aesthetic. Take his signature leather jackets, which with their airbrushed graphics and very unusual leather-wrapped padding in kaleidoscopic colours – reminiscent of a glorious Play-Doh xylophone – ensure that the collection still retains Alex Mattsson’s undeniable fingerprint.

The embroidery on the jackets signals his allegiance to biker gang lifestyle and flourishes of rainbow detailing indicate a playfulness, giving a light-hearted angle to the collection’s somewhat dark and masculine rock sensibilities.

Born in Gothenburg in 1984, Alex Mattsson moved to England in 2004 to study Menswear BA at Rochester University. He went on to complete at MA degree in Menswear at the RCA. His collection during the RCA graduate show of June 2009 was one of the standout moments of the graduate season, clearly marking Mattsson as one of a new breed of talented and experimental young menswear designers. Since then his work has gone on to be featured in publications such as TANK, Dazed & Confused, Dazed Japan and Junsuke Yamasaki’s Untitled Magazine, proving the continuous support and enthusiasm surrounding the brand.

Represented by Ella Dror PR, Mattsson is one of a group of new designers being featured in Selfridges’ upcoming Bright Young Things windows in 2012.

Words by Anna Bang


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