Image - Y50 (Group View 01)A lot of us probably have that dream scenario of coolly lounging on a vintage black leather Le Corbusier chaise longue wearing headphones in order to really listen to sounds like the stone music lover that you are. However, the reality is much more likely to be you on (equally vintage, but not in a good way) public transport, using music to endure the sardine-can aspect of going from A to B during the rush hour and also as a sort of screen to shut out the sheer humanity surrounding you while doing this. So you need a serious pair of headphones that can do all of those things, are easy to fold and store,  durable and which also look good too should the Le Corbusier scenario happen. Also you don’t want to be that guy with the leaky headphones that are treating the carriage to a particularly unwelcome, tinny-sounding version of J-Lo and Iggy’s Booty. Believe me, no-one wants to hear that on a blue Monday AM commute.

Image - Y50 Yellow (Detail View 01)Enter the AKG. Not only more than 67 years of Grammy-recognised achievement but also the respect of musicians everywhere. A lightweight, comfortable fit. Rich sound. And of course, they look the part. Their latest addition to their headphones collection is the AKG-Y series.

Image - Y50 Black (3D View on white 01)

The AKG Y50 epitomises the new Y-Series, taking on AKG’s rich heritage in sound quality with a brand new design in teal, yellow, black or red. It’s quite loud and jazzy looking, perfect if you like a bit of attention while you revel in the rich sound from the 40mm drivers. The headphones also come with a detachable, 1.2m cable with remote and mic for hands-free accessibility, so you can take a call without missing a beat. And they’ve recently won the What Hi-Fi Product of the Year Award!

The AKG Y40 continues the striking theme of the Y-Series, with blue, yellow and black accents on the band, while the mini-sized cups feature AKG detailing on-ear. The Y40 is particularly great for using on the move. The 3D-axis fold-flat mechanism and soft carry case allow for easy storage and safe transport, while the conveniently located 3-button remote/mic allows for easy access to your music or calls.

The AKG Y45 BT bluetooth enabled headphones are my personal favourites – they just look so great! The Y45BT White is beautiful; I love the simplistic, clean design. A truly timeless, classic look. Enjoy proper wireless performance with a rechargeable power source that lasts up to 8 hours, or plug-in for external power and recharging. The Y45 BT also feature NFC technology for easy connectivity to your music. Furthermore, the Y45 BT have ear-cup mounted volume/remote/mic controls too so your music device can stay firmly in your bag or pocket.

The AKG Y-series retail at between £79.99 – £109.99

For more information or to purchase go to AKG

Words by Anna Bang

Image - Y50 Red (3D View on white 01)


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