When even cosmetics companies start broadening their idea of what is desirable – recently Marc Jacobs chose the 65 year old Jessica Lange as its face and Nars has used the 68 year old Charlotte Rampling – you know there’s a sea change. Back in 2008, Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style was the daring pioneer who showed us that fabulous doesn’t stop just because you pass 50. His unwavering eye for stylish women of a certain age who are living works of art has delighted us for years. Advanced Style the book was a must – you can even get a colouring-in book – and now there’s a film as well. This documentary examines the lives of seven very unique New Yorkers aged 62 to 95 whose indomitable spirit and lust for life have transcended the usual approach to getting older. They may make it appear effortless but it is made clear that looking this amazing is time consuming and also hard work; one woman compares it to doing a portrait with her clothing and admits that at times, an outfit can take up to seven years to come together. As one of the other ladies state, “good style improves the environment for everyone.”


It is beautiful to see these striking women highlighted especially in our culture where older people are automatically ignored. Although it’s clearly not always that easy; you sense the lurking fear of lack of money and ill health, or film maker Lina Plioplyte’s delicate camera work briefly lingers on a foot, misshapen by age, undoubtedly painful, yet defiantly plunged back into a high heeled shoe. These women are proud and fierce. As Dita von Teese puts it, “Inspiring. A lot of wisdom. I see my future in them.”

Advanced Style | The Movie
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Words by Anna Bang


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