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adidas are hosting an exhibition this July which is a seminal moment in the UK’s style history, setting out a visual showcase of where style and pop culture have intersected over the last 40 years.

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Spezial is the brainchild of Gary Aspden, someone who truly is living the dream as he has gone from being a devoted adidas fan since the 70’s to working as a consultant for the brand. Starting with his not insignificant personal collection as an initial idea for the exhibition, he got in touch with all manner of influential trainer collectors to end up with a showcase of extremely rare vintage and re-issue footwear. 650 trainers from all over the world will be under one roof for just nine days, including signed pieces from Naomi Campbell, Run DMC, Noel Gallagher, NERD, Public Enemy and Eminem to name a few. The accompanying limited edition book features a series of personal stories and experiences from celebrated fans and collectors including Mani (Stone Roses), Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys), Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays).

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From sportswear giant to lifestyle powerhouse… adidas shows yet again how it isn’t just about being a mainstay in youth culture, or ‘fashion’, it’s also about playing an important part in people’s lives. These shoes with the three stripes have a unique soul that inspires obsession and devotion.

adidas Spezial
19th – 27th July, 2013
Hoxton Gallery
9 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AA

Free admission
Open 12 – 7pm daily

Words by Anna Bang

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