Already renowned for bringing street art into the gallery space, the self-taught British painter, Adam Neate, unveils his latest series of works ‘Dimensional Paintings’ at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.

Inspired by taking his son to the cinema to see 3D films and realizing his generation will grow up with an extra dimension in visual media, a language that will be seen as the norm, Neate asked himself how painting could possibly compete. By creating a series of dimensional paintings that invoke a sense of compelling facets through the mixed use of textures and materials against an ensemble of rich colour and imagery, the overall effect is affected by and reacting to the light and space around it. Viewers are drawn into a series of extremely human accounts of day-to-day life experience, from relationship angst to pulling into a fast food drive-thru. One can say with conviction that this unassuming 33-year-old is a genius, having developed his own language of dimensional painting over the past four years that renders ordinary life tales extraordinary. Not unsurprising that Neate is garnering a Pied Piper-like following of collectors throughout Europe, USA and Asia.

Adam Neate is a painter at the forefront of a radical new movement in contemporary art. Over the past five years, he has left thousands of pieces of work on the streets of London, either hanging on nails or propped against lampposts for people to find. His work has won him acknowledgement from the Tate, the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. He cites his artistic influences as his wife, Waleska, Picasso and New York Graffiti artist, Daze.

Dimensional Paintings by Adam Neate
Elms Lesters Painting Rooms
1 – 5 Flitcroft Street
4th – 29th October, 2011

Words by Tony Gill


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