There was a certain vibe in the house at Acne SS/2012.
As we were welcomed with a drink served by boys wearing top-to-toe denim, first impressions couldn’t be much better.
Once the pounding soundtrack began, the building lit up, revealing the raw warehouse structure against a sharp mirrored catwalk that seemed to exceed the dimensions of the space, giving an impression of vastness.
Down the catwalk came a beautiful colour palette of whites, mustard, orange, denim, turquoise, pear, leather, bubblegum and glitter mixed up in different textures and materials, hard and soft, raw and neat that somehow worked completely naturally together.
As a flirtation with both the innocent teenage girl and the chic NY woman, Johnny Johanssons collection was a multicultural hot-pot of diversity, cultures, cities and influences mixed up to create a new desirable notion of street-smart.
It doesn’t get much cooler than this. We are already excited about next season!

Words Emelie Hultqvist


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