The artist Rebecca Mason is inspired by the exciting, chaotic playground of London, with all its fears, questions and realisations. She reveals your innermost secrets by making use of light to convey the darkness within human life, existence and emotion. Her work acts like a diary for the feelings, emotions and experiences Mason encounters in modern day life.


Volt Café: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Rebecca Mason: Hello cat, I guess you’re on top of me, staring at me because you want food.

VC: Describe your work in three words
RM: Light and dark.

VC: Which is your preferred work so far?
RM: You’re My Favourite Mistake (aka Error), because that one has more of me in it than any other piece.

VC: Why do you work with confessions?
RM: I firmly believe there is greater happiness in being who you are and accepting flaws. It took me a long time to get here. Part of that acceptance is being able to be open about mistakes and feelings. I’m not thinking confessions from a religious perspective; I’ve always taken an agnostic approach to that, but more from a secret-sharing angle.

VC: Tell us more about the ‘Green Room’ you set up during ‘The Other Art Fair’?
RM: A hidden Absinthe bar meets immersive neon installation meets guided meditation meets secret spilling den!

I had a lot of fun putting it together and got slightly carried away with various aspects. I also include quite a lot of my lounge furniture and decor so it really has a ‘backstage’ feel to it, it is my own little sanctuary and place to relax.

Conceptually it’s a haven where visitors can anonymously spill their secrets, which we hang outside to share with other visitors. Hopefully people see something of themselves and do not feel alone. Some of those secrets will form the background to a new neon I am working on, that I hope to exhibit early next year. Once the piece is finished, I’ll welcome the secret contributors to come forward directly to me and will give them a free print of the piece.

VC: What is your secret super power?
RM: Typing speed. Apparently I’m “not human” according to an ex colleague during my former office based career!

VC: What is the best thing that happened to you recently?
RM: A friend of mine really helped me out with something and it reminded me of how lucky I am to have such great friends. I was a bit blown away by their kindness.

VC: What did you like about ‘The Other Art Fair’?
RM: The fact the artists are there, representing themselves. It is a great group of people who are really down to earth. The guys that run TOAF are also absolutely lovely – a great and genuine bunch of people. Also, the quality of the work on show – I have several pieces at home by other exhibitors. And last, the atmosphere, especially on pre view night at the Old Truman, it’s a bit like a big giant art party, loads of familiar faces around, I love it! The guys at the fair have been really kind to me whenever I have exhibited and I have been very grateful for the thought and hard work they put into it, I love working with them.

VC: Where do you see yourself in five years?
RM: I never think that far ahead. I love a short-term plan; long-term plans are recipes for disappointment. If you’d asked me five years ago if I would see myself where I am now I would never have dreamed I would be doing what I am doing today. I prefer to allow life to take its unusual twists and turns and be more open to what is out there.

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Where to buy her work?
Art Republic: a selection of prints now available for purchase.
Laura Lea Design – selected neon originals and prints are available via Laura at
Leontia Gallery: selected neon works and prints at or email Leontia directly at
Lights of Soho: Selected neon works at or email art@lightsofsoho with enquiries. This is the only place you can buy her Inferno/Burn Baby Burn neon.
Rockett St George: her card sets are available here
Showroom Shoreditch: neon originals in store (3 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch) and prints soon to launch on their online store.
The Other Art Fair online shop: a few of her original neon works plus a selection of prints.

Words by Sophie van Hasselt


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