Following an MA in Fashion from Central St. Martins Petra Metzger launched the fashion label EINE in 2013. EINE recently launched its latest collection at the Library Members Club. We were there and spoke to Metzger.



Volt Café: How would you describe your collection in three definitive words?

Petra Metzger: Sensual, Feminine, Comfortable – Women are at their most beautiful when they are comfortable. That is why I wanted this collection to be a loungewear collection. When a woman is in a private space, she recharges. The most important thing I always thought about while designing was how a woman would feel wearing the garments. I want women to feel beautiful from the inside out. My designs embody an elegant, easy-to-wear style that enhances the female body in its sensuality.


VC: Could you tell me something about the inspiration for this collection?

PM: For this collection I have been inspired by the simplicity and elegance of Paul Poiret’s robe de minute. Poiret was a groundbreaking 1920’s designer. His designs contain minimal elements with a lot of volume and large shapes. Because of him I wanted to create refined volume in my designs. There is a luxury in big fabrics and volumes, which people in the fashion industry tend to forget. I was also inspired by the drapes of Madame Grès and by the ease and grace from the Seeberger ladies on the beach (in the 1930’s the brothers Seeberger documented the life of the rich and famous in Deauville).

VC: What beliefs do the brand EINE have?

PM: I want women to be empowered. With this collection I got closer to that ideal. For me empowerment is when a woman can be a woman in her clothes.


VC: Have your German roots and childhood influenced you in your designs?

PM: Yes they did. In Germany my family lived in a big house, surrounded by a big garden and a forest. Being in this forest gave me an enormous feeling of freedom, which I would like all women to feel.

When I was young my mom had a very special and beautiful house garment. This memory made me realise for the first time that when you wear something at home, it has a more significant sense of style. Last Christmas I redesigned that jumpsuit and gave it to my mom.


VC: Could you tell me something about your study time at Central Saint Martins and the progress you have made since graduating?

PM: I am quite ambivalent about my days at Central Saint Martins. It took me a while to leave my study time behind me. Having my own brand I feel that I do not have to prove my creativity anymore. I am able to design for women now, without my ego in the picture.

VC: Now that you have left your study time behind you, are there still ways to learn new things?

PM: At the moment I have a mentor, ‘David Jones’, from whom I learn a lot. He is my guardian angel and has guided me in my process over the last year. He has helped me to find my new direction in designing. He is eighty years old and has a lifetime of experience and knowledge, which is quite handy.

VC: Is there anything you would like to say to the current fashion world?

PM: All women are beautiful. These days women doubt themselves so much. They are restricted to a certain image. That is also why I decided on a loungewear collection. When you are at home it is about how you feel and not how others perceive you. Loungewear has become an intimate beautiful space for me as a fashion designer.


Words by Emilie van Kinschot


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Photographer: Daisy Walker

Design: EINE LTD

Stylist: Nickque Patterson

Set Design: Amy Friend

Hair: Issey Hyde

Make Up: Mona Leanne

Model: Miranda  at GMT

Organization of event: TALLOWAH


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