2 Days in New York is that rare thing, a romantic indie comedy that you can watch with your boyfriend without either of you falling asleep 10 minutes into the action. The super-accomplished and utterly lovable Julie Delpy wrote, directed and played the lead in this follow-up to 2 Days In Paris which is an eccentric and intelligent comedy centred around relationships versus family.
Artist Marion (Delpy) and DJ/Writer Mingus (Chris Rock) are living contentedly in NYC with each of their children from previous relationships when this idyll is threatened by a family visit. The day before Halloween and the opening of her exhibition, her very French family, consisting of dad, sis and sis’s total asshat of a boyfriend (who of course used to date Marion) comes crashing in like an anarchic circus. Mingus is the perfect foil for the ensuing madness and Marion’s attempt at dealing with it yet his character never ends up being one-dimensional or weak; Mingus has his own dry wit going on.
It is unsure if Delpy realised the extent to which she was testing American audiences with the double punch of French actors AND a mixed race relationship but to be honest that was probably lost in the avalanche of touchy subject matter, such as very candid sex, incontinence, breast pumping, casual racism, sister jealousy, old people having sexual needs and selling your soul – to name just a few. You never really know whether she is deliberately being provocative or it just didn’t occur to her but it makes the film all the more real.

I loved 2 Days In New York and am especially in love with Delpy’s real-life father, Albert Delpy, who plays Marion’s father in the film, a total sweetie full of mischief!

Julie Delpy’s intention was to create ‘a love story with a happy ending’. This film is all that and much more. It would be only too easy to compare Delpy to Woody Allen – albeit a sexier, female version – but much as I love Allen’s work, I think Delpy’s style is easier to identify with and more relevant to a modern audience.

The DVD and Blu-Ray release of 2 Days in New York is out on 1st October 2012 courtesy of Network Releasing.

Words by Anna Bang


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