Follow the path up Brick Lane, right the way to the top where you will be rewardingly greeted by the beautiful grade II listed corner building with the large 123 crafted into the brickwork. You cannot miss it… 123, Bethnal Green has been transformed into a new sustainable fashion concept store – 123!

A sanctuary for the ethical fashion elite, the store extends over three floors, with the winding wooden staircase descending up to the next retail level, the history of it all is literally etched into the grain of the building. It is this rich and diverse history which has allowed 123 to develop their own in-house design studio. Archive prints and fabrics have been re-awakened in a fresh and contemporary new offering. Each piece is London born and made, ethically produced and is more often than not a complete one-off, providing a uniquely crafted design, with no guilt factor attached.

Unconventional designer and king of customizing, NOKI has been granted a floor to showcase his NHS diffusion line, which is a 123 exclusive. NOKI has been producing his own brilliantly creative one-off pieces for over decade and was a founding member of the artistic Mecca East London has become.

Already revered for his unique approach to sustainable fashion design, Noki continues to develop and push his individual take on sustainable fashion.

East London through and through, the 123 collection reflects the exuberance of its surroundings; bright, young and hip. The bustling launch event said it all. The avant-garde crowd came out in full force to support this sustainable fashion venture, which appears to be on the road to becoming the best thing since sliced bread (sustainable sliced bread that is).

Noki’s NHS diffusion line on floor 2

Judy Blame at the launch of 123

Words Zara King


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