Sennheiser has just launched its latest addition to the MOMENTUM family in a range of mouthwatering colourways and a new compact on-ear design. Adding vibrant blue, raspberry, almond green and cream colours into the renowned range of high-end headphones, the MOMENTUM On-Ears are crafted from the kind of materials that just look better and better the more you use them.


All that obviously wouldn’t matter a jot if the sound quality was below par, but fear not, you’re getting stylish luxe and the kind of sound quality that has you sighing contentedly. By using a high performance transducer system, which offers uncompromising rich and detailed sound performance with a slight bass emphasis, these headphones deliver the kind of technically advanced audio experience you’d expect from the Sennheiser brand.


I was a bit worried about how the suede-like material would hold up faced with the reality of a typical day in my life, not to mention my tumultuous bag, but even a potentially fatal encounter between a chocolate biscuit-smeared paw belonging to my friend and the precious new cream On-Ears was easily wiped away with a damp cloth. Not a mark. Alcantara®, which is the material on the headband and earpads, is a specialised luxury material loved by yacht and automotive upholsterers for its unique combination of softness, durability, and breathable comfort. It’s used in Formula One cars as well because it is flame retardant so you’re very well catered for all around! Lightweight sliders of brushed stainless steel complete the well-designed look and a single sided detachable cable with in-line remote and mic for Apple iDevices means easy control for music, making and receiving calls. And it screens out all the fools around you listening to music using their cheap earplugs. Result.

The Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ears retails at £169,99. Go to website to drool over design details and to find your nearest dealer

Words by Anna Bang



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