We asked fashion illustrator and designer Mariapia Mineo to tell us a little bit about herself.
 Volt Café: I bet you get this all the time but you have a beautiful name. Is there a meaning behind it?


Mariapia Mineo: Oh Thanks, there is not a particular meaning but it’s a ‘voluntary’ misspelling of the union of two names. The meaning behind ‘Pia’ is merciful and honest.


VC: Who or what are you influenced by?


MM: Art, places and nature above all but also movies and music. I have always been in love with the past and drawn to things with a dark allure. The work of HR Giger, grotesque monsters, Bosch paintings and old botanical prints are the main inspiration behind my graduate collection.


VC: I love the quirky, intriguing touches you add to your pieces and illustrations – like the wolves’ heads atop the models’ bodies wearing your creations on your website. How would you describe your unique illustration and design style?


MM: I think it comes from a very playful approach to fashionand especially from an interest in collage and readymade. Using what I had to create something else is where it all started for me; collaging drawings with pictures and magazine cut-outs is part of my design process, I always look out for ‘voluntary’ accidents.


VC: If you could appoint anyone as your brand ambassador (living or dead), who would it be and why?


MM: Maybe it would have to be an imaginary cross between Marchesa Casati, Joan of Arc, Siouxsie Sioux and PJ Harvey.


VC: How is the fashion industry treating you?


MM: I am sort of tiptoeing into it but I would like to find my own space without necessarily following the fast paced rhythm of the Industry. I’d rather concentrate on the craft and collaborate with artists within different fields.


VC: Do you prefer making illustrations or fashion garments?


MM: Making garments for sure! I enjoy drawing more if it’s not fashion related but definitely experimenting in 3D and seeing the garments worn is what I like the most.


 VC: What makes your heart sing?


MM: Serendipity, it’s great when it happens.


VC: What are your hopes and dreams for the future concerning your career?


MM: The best thing would be to always have space and inspiration to create, without letting the money problems interfere too much, and I hope to have the chance to get more work experience this year too.


VC: How about in your personal life?


MM: Keep having the support of my amazing long time friends would be enough, as well as finally settling down somewhere in the next few years.


VC: What is your proudest moment? No need to be modest – blow that trumpet!


MM: I think realising that all the hard work and late nights had paid off and that I was getting positive feedbacks on my work. Then putting modesty aside I guess receiving an email from Lady Gaga’s stylist goes up there too!
Words by Phoebe Waller



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