Modern Psychology has repeatedly pointed out how the role of children in society has dramatically changed in the last century. While children were ideally seen and not heard in the industrial (and post industrial) society, nowadays we seem to experience an unconditional glorification of children.

Seems like one thing hasn’t changed throughout the decades though, that artists have always been attracted and inspired by the world of childhood. Miles away from the great Spanking debate and suchlike, artists find it stimulating to adopt kids’ perspectives in order to overcome the usual logical way of thinking and potentially dull formulas.


Thus fashion designer Aliona Kononova stepped into the playground to find inspiration for the latest MOE adventure. “The world through the eyes of a child” was the starting point, one where asymmetrical cuts and altered proportions are the signature traits of the collection. Refreshing and zesty, fabrics and leathers are inspired by drawing paper plates and candy wrappers while toy-shaped accessories provide a playful twist. Bold colors do the rest: “Clear vision and genuine emotions” are the key words.


Volt Café is excited to show you some images from MOE’s  Autumn/Winter collection, captured by photographer Rui Faria. Just a warning: when looking with the eyes of a child you might just lose yourself in the object of your wonder!

Photographer : Rui Faria
Model: Marina Cebotari at Manderina Models
Hair & Make up : Zygodot
Stylist: Aliona Kononova
Digital operators: Oly and Iuri Cazac
With thanks to: Olia Stepanenco
Words by Virginia Achilli





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