A collaboration between Vauxhall Motors and stylist Katy England resulted into an unique project where a car brand meets fashion and vice versa. “Made in England” is a celebration of Vauxhall’s 110 years of car manufacturing, honouring their take on British heritage. As Vauxhall is known for their forward thinking technology and design, the commissioning of fashion stylist Katy England for their new promo video is right up their alley.

With Vauxhall’s British style and design in the back of her head Katy England casted, wrote and directed a short movie reflecting youth culture and style in Britain today. “Made in England” shows a journey of a lonesome driver through different cityscapes and country sides. Where the window view changes frequently, so do the people passing by. This makes the driver encounter different types of young folks along the way, all representing iconic British youth culture movements of today.

The use of real characters gives the short film an authentic and honest impression which is a reference to the personal feel we tend to get while driving a car, one that is often seen as an extension of our personality and a reflection of the person we are.

“Made in England” isn’t just a film about getting from A to B, it’s a 24 hour journey showing the zeitgeist of today’s youth culture hitching a ride in a Vauxhall.

Words by Lete Hulscher


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