We Interviewed VV Brown, singer, songwriter, producer, record label owner, model, presenter, fashion designer and entrepreneur about her new album ‘Samson and Delilah’. With a sound that’s more mature and authentic than before, her new album will be accompanied by a series of short films produced by VV herself in collaboration with the young and talented filmmaker Jessica Hughes.

VV Brown: ‘I want to help young talented people, not that I’m the Messiah of the art students. I just want to share my success and invest in people I believe in. There is so much potential out there and it is so hard to get to the top.

Volt Cafe: How did you experience the release of the new album? Were you very nervous?

VV Brown: I was very nervous and a bit scared of people’s responses. But the complete change of direction made it a little more exciting. I was surprised so many people showed up. It felt really empowering to see that people liked it. But I’ll be just as nervous before the next gig.


VC: Where your last album had a playful and happy sound, the new album is very emotional, spiritual and a bit dark. Has this been a conscious decision while creating the new songs?

VV: I threw myself into a lot of new things, new music and art. I traveled to Iceland, which was a huge inspiration. I learnt a lot, and I think the new album is a more mature version of myself.

VC: The new album is far more electronic than the last one. Were there anything specific that triggered such a different approach?

VV: I started listening to a lot of different music that I didn’t know before. I knew about electronic music but hadn’t really studied it and it was fascinating to think about an object creating interesting sounds and the million ways you can manipulate it using electricity.

VC: Fashion has always been an important part of your identity. Do you think this will change with the difference in sound?

VV: Yes definitely! I can appreciate simplicity and appreciate the beauty in detail. The first record was very 50’s inspired where this is very different. I have fallen in love with designers such as Yohji Yamamoto.


VC: What was your life about and where were you living while writing the songs and composing the music for this album?

VV: I was travelling a lot, which I really enjoyed. The city is a nice place to write and produce in but sometimes you just have to get out of it. I got introduced to a lot of art and design I did not know of before and I watched a lot of films. It was a moment to discover myself again. I got to know real art and learnt to appreciate it from a different point of view and really took lessons from a lot of amazing people who create work without compromising.


VC: Is there a bigger message or feeling you want to share with you fans through this album?

VV: You can find strength amongst weakness.

VC: Do you consider your self a spiritual person, if so, in what way?

VV: Yes I do, it’s about sending a message. For me this album is about empowerment.

VC: A short film will accompany the first single of the album ‘Samson’. Where did the idea come from?

VV: I always had the idea of making a film. It has been a learning experience making this short film which accompanies the album. Film is such a beautiful medium that can involve so many other different art forms.

VC: What is the film about?

VV: This is part one of a 15 minute short film. It’s inspired by the bible story of Samson and Delilah, where Samson loses all his strength the moment Delilah cuts of his hair and we watch his journey as he gains it back again.

VC: It will be a series of films you said, what is the next film going to be like?

VV: The film will be a montage of beautiful scenery and amazing shots following Samson and his journey to recovery.


VC: Are you planning on playing in any parts of the world other than Europe?

VV: Yes definitely! We are planning on going back to America. A possible tour next year.

VC: What is it we can wake you up for in the middle of the night?

VV: A kiss from my boyfriend…

VC: Do you have a pet?

VV: Yes a cat, his name is ‘Sycamore James Brown’.

‘Samson’ will be released trough YOY records the 14th of july 2013

interested in the rest of the album? Wed. 26th of June life in Hoxton Bar & Grill VV Brown!

Words by Sanne Steijger



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