Photography by Angelo Kritikos

As she climbs on stage, the crowd is shouting with joy. Her microphone is covered in flowers and her colourful organza playsuit instantly makes you notice her extravagant and cheerful presence. Just like her outfit, Lola’s music is a mix of different genres. As the band begin to play jazzy sounds, the DJ joins the ensemble with funky beats. Lola Coca is somewhat reminiscent of mid-2000 popstars Lily Allen and Gwen Stefani, and we even recognised a sample from Kelis’ Trick Me in one of her songs.

“Tried to hide, I tried to lie
But I think the booty duty on the cards tonight, right?
I turn you on like a night light
Red and blue corner, are you ready to fight?”

When she starts singing one of her best known songs, ‘Bad Girlfriend’, we immediately realise she is not one to mess with.

Lola turns into a sassy character on stage, something which we did not expect looking at her glitter nails and cat-eye sunglasses. Listening to her songs makes you relive those bad break ups that everyone is familiar with. But unlike many others, she knows how to give her stories an ironic twist, which makes the crowd laugh. She gives us a short introduction of her new song ‘The Map’, in which she reminds guys where her ‘goods’ are. Her British accent gives a quirky sound to her raps. “I don’t interact enough with the audience” she laughs, and continues her quirky dance moves.

We were already happy with spring but Lola makes us feel like it’s summer…

Lola’s newest album releases the 31st of March

Words by Ami Keita and Sara Blanken


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