The somewhat misguided pride I feel about never watching TV is of course obliterated by the immense amount of time I spend glued to my laptop instead. There are just so many rabbit holes to disappear down, mainly in the name of (ahem) ‘research’. And now I’ve just found another one. Usually, most music sites to me conjure up a bunch of dry interviews and dreary images that only a true fan would appreciate. All very meh. However, the Sound + Rhythm Tumblr is decidedly different. There’s a strong input from Noisey, vice.com’s music channel, so the narrative is refreshingly light. It’s sponsored by Burberry Brit Rhythm, the new fragrance from Burberry, and there’s currently six short films showing artists getting ready to go on stage. This week’s short focuses on Fryars, with a candid interview featuring Benjamin Garrett where he admits his antidote to stage fright is a bottle of wine beforehand…


The Sound + Rhythm Tumblr is the perfect vehicle for showing off how great British music is, it makes you realise why the rest of the world tries to rip off not just British music, but the fashion too. This is not about flag waving; it is about saluting the very unique spirit that runs through British output that somehow ties together such a wide range of creativity and characters. It fully focuses on exciting new modern music while acknowledging all those delightful British eccentrics and mavericks that came before them. And you get playlists, Instagram photos from gigs all over the world and videos as well. This scept’red isle and its creatives are amazing! Head over to the Sound + Rhythm Tumblr to celebrate some of them.

Words by Anna Bang



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