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Kinetica Art Fair is amazing. It’s partly like walking around in the toymaker from Blade Runner, J.F. Sebastien’s studio and partly like being at an old-fashioned fair for truly odd stuff. Prepare to be astounded and have your perceptions challenged! You’ll most likely also want to try your hand at being creative yourself. A mixture of living artwork, creations that come to life and experiential installations will be on show for the remarkable Kinetica Art Fair 2012, incidentally the only art fair in the UK dedicated to kinetic, robotic, sound, light and time-based art.  As this is deservedly a hugely popular event – regularly attracting over 10,000 visitors – I suggest you get there during the week rather than the last two hours on Sunday like I did last year. You will want to spend hours looking and touching.

It seems unfair to have favourites as the artists on show are all remarkable but I will be making a beeline for Greyworld as owning this particular piece of art has been an ambition since childhood!

Greyworld have managed to create a tail that can express your cheeky side and do all the naughty things you dream of doing, such as knocking things off tables, tremble and twist and curl, and of course wag and get frisky. Fully controllable, each tail comes with a remote control keyfob and charger, clips on to your belt or waistband and has four different modes, such as slow moves (eg. slow wags, trembles), fast moves, a selection of all the moves, and the fourth mode is for dancing – tap the button in time to the music and watch your tail dance! I’m tapping my feet, sorry paws, already!

Best of all, as they point out, Greyworld’s Tail is handmade artwork and is not suitable for children. Yes. Back off kids! Time for grown-ups to have some fun for a change…

Work from Kinetica Art Fair’s new artists scheme, Oxygen, will also be on sale.  Oxygen provides a new showcase for a diverse range of work from emerging artists from across contemporary kinetic, electronic and new media art and offers their work for sale.

9 – 12 February 2012
Ambika P3
London NW1

Tickets start at £12.  Work on sale ranges in price from £40 – £35,000.  A full programme of talks, groundbreaking performances and special events also take place. Please look at the website for times and details.

Words by Anna Bang

Tim Lewis


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